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Tim, Oklahoma, USA

The place was awesome, the people were really friendly. Enjoyed every minute of my stay!

Terri, Dallas, USA

This is some place! Me and my sisters had a blast there. The weather was fantastic, the pools were cool (all 6 of them) and the food was good enough. Definitely recommend it!

Hector, Mexico city, Mexico

Me and y wife spent our honeymoon at the Lunaeterna and these were the days I will always remember.

Peter und Helena, Hamburg, Germany

Excellent service, really enjoyed the bands that played at night and the free champagne they gave us.

Agnes, Stockholm, Sweden

The lace is great, maybe a bit overcroded and noisy at times, but it is not meant to be a calm and serene resort, Lunaeterna is all about the party and it rocked!

Yorgos, Syra, Greece

The best resort I have ever seen, I could spend my life there and will not mind it the least bit!

Simmon, Salamanca, Spain

I really enjoyed the cuba diving lessons and the trips to the nearby islands we did.